Este in Fiore 2019

beautiful castle gardens of Villandry in the Loire France

Este in fiore returns, the nursery and floral festival from 24th to 28th of April.

Plant culture is firmly established in our country. It has its roots in the long agricultural tradition, in the imposing historical and artistic heritage consisting of gardens and botanical gardens and in the excellence of a nursery gardening production appreciated all over the world.

Este in Fiore is precisely this: the tangible and living testimony of how this cultural baggage has now established itself, in a continuous and stable way, in the sensitivity and custom of all those who love greenery and plants and who, precisely in this passion for gardening, they find their common denominator.

We are at the 18th edition of the most awaited quality Veneto and National Nurseries of the year, with over 200 exhibitors from all over Italy. Four days in which over 70,000 visitors flock to the Estense city to learn all about the world of the green, learn about new species of plants and flowers, discover techniques to improve and simplify their outdoor work and beautify their homes and own gardens.

Walking inside the wonderful Carrarese Castle Gardens you can admire the colors of spring thanks to the numerous species of roses, the rarest carnivorous plants, orchids, citrus fruits in many varieties and much more, there will also be aromatic plants, cactaceae, succulents and aquatic plants.

Inevitable, as every year, will be the Rose Canine exhibition at the Sala di San Rocco, where very rare and spectacular specimens of this particular type of Rosaceae, also called “wild rose”, can be admired in all their beauty.

But it does not end here, it will be possible to find Tillandsias, Azaleas and the most unusual qualities of rhizomes from Holland. All this will be complemented by sections dedicated to garden and home furnishings, quality craftsmanship, local food and wine excellences directly from local agricultural producers and wellness products, always inextricably linked to the world of nature.

Carnival in Este 2019!

The City of Este organizes the 2019 edition of the “Este Carnival”. On the website of the municipality of Este, the link will find the conditions for participation in the parade of Groups and Allegorical Chariots, with all the necessary documentation.

The Atestino Carnival, arriving in March, promises to be a real confirmation for the city: an unmissable event of great aggregative value, which attracts and fascinates young and old alike.

“The Carnival of Este, with its parade of allegorical floats and masked groups, is now a highly anticipated appointment – says the Mayor Roberta Gallana – The resumption of the historical tradition of the parade is back in 2017, enjoying great success among the citizens. 2018 was a confirmation that made the event not just a party but an opportunity to create communities and convey positive messages. We are expecting even more participation for the 2019 Carnival ».

The parade will take place on Sunday 3 March, following a route that will start at 14.30 from via Principe Amedeo, continuing along via Principe Umberto, Piazza Maggiore with a stop in front of the jury stage, via Matteotti, via Massimo d’Azeglio, via Garibaldi, via Cavour and again via Principe Umberto for the return at 19.00. As in previous years, the Jury will decide the winners of Atestino Carnival by drawing up the ranking of allegorical wagons and masked groups.

“The Carnival of Este has become one of the most representative events for our city – adds the councilor for tourism Sergio Gobbo – The organizational machine has departed for time defining the modalities of participation of allegorical wagons and masked groups that yesterday, Monday, January 21 , have been approved by the City Council. The conditions for participation are intended to make the 2019 edition even better set up in terms of quality, entertainment and safety “.

The methods for participating in the Este Carnival, which can be downloaded from the Municipality’s website, concern allegorical wagons and masked groups wishing to take part in the parade. For this edition it is admitted the participation of 10 wagons, which will be selected by a special technical commission, among those who will be candidates through registration. The commission will evaluate the artistic quality, the contents and the number of masked figures that will accompany the wagon. In the event that the municipal administration is able to have more resources, thanks to the contribution of sponsor companies, it will be possible to extend the participation to a larger number of wagons. No limits, however, for the participation of masked groups.
To participate in the cost of setting up the masked groups of Este and the construction of the allegorical wagons, the city administration has planned to contribute with a small prize money.
The registration form of the allegorical wagons, downloadable from the website, will be delivered complete with the required documentation, by 29/01/2019 at 18.00 at the Polisportello or via pec ad The outcome of the selection of the carriages admitted to the parade will be announced by January 31st.
As for the groups that will open the parade, cultural and sporting associations, volunteer groups, parishes, villages and schools composed of at least 10 participants, coming from Este or other localities will be able to participate. The application form and the documentation must be submitted by 22/02/2019 at 6.00 pm by pec or by hand delivery to the Polisportello.

Flowers in Este 2018

Este is also back this year in bloom, the appointment of the low Padua for everyone!

our B & B Al Duomo and the tourist accommodation “La Batisesola” are ready to welcome you.

we are waiting for you.


Here is the presentation from the official website

The city of Este is pleased to announce the XVII edition of Este in Fiore the review of the Veneto and National Florovivaismo which will be held from April 20th to 22nd 2018 at the Carrarese Castle Gardens and on Sunday 22nd April in the historical center of Este.

Este in fiore 2018 recalls that the world of nature, between plants and flowers, is energy in continuous movement, organisms that interact with each other in search of a vital balance that adapts to climate and environmental changes. Este in bloom is a balanced ecosystem of nature.

This year’s central theme is the well-being of environmental sustainability. Plants, flowers and nature will interact with man, who will be able to explore all aspects of plant life: their behavior and their adaptation.

In a few weeks the city of Este will open its doors to the famous kermesse dedicated to all specialists, lovers and lovers of the world of flowers and plants that will live three days in the name of nature and scientific and cultural deepening. An edition designed with the nurserymen and nurserymen, who will exhibit plants and flowers of excellence and of every species, ready to show and disseminate the methods of cultivation they use respecting the environment and the territory in which we live.

In addition to the national excellences of the nursery that will exhibit inside the Castle gardens, there will also be this year the local producers that will give life to Isola del Gusto, always inside the Castle Gardens, where you can taste and buy food and wine products of the Veneto Region, in particular the territory of the Euganean Hills.

Among the novelties of this edition is the large floral installation in Piazza Maggiore entitled “Ecosystem: nature in balance”. An enthralling and scenographic floristic artistic installation that will take life in the heart of the historical center of Este: plants and floral species will represent the balance of the natural world that has adapted to the continuous climatic and environmental changes.

Also this year the surprises can not miss: a floral tour will accompany the visitor to the Old Fish Market, a place of culture and experimentation, in which talk shows, conferences and educational workshops will alternate with speakers from all over Italy, as agronomists, architects and garden designers who will deal with themes

in-depth study on climate change, on new horticulture techniques and cultivation of gardens in respect of the environment, aimed at bringing the visitor closer to a dynamic and direct experimentation with nature.

According to tradition, the “Best Exhibitor 2018” award will be awarded (better set-up, greater attention shown by the company towards the environment and product display) but also traders and citizens will become protagonists of the event with floral decorations they will make the center of Este a flower garden.

“Este in Arte” Wednesday, April 25, a day dedicated to art with exhibitions and painting workshops en plein air.

Opening hours to the public: Friday 20 April from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 from 8.30 to 20.00 in the gardens of the Castle and Piazza Maggiore. The event in the historic center takes place on Sunday 22 April from 8.00 to 20.00

This is the video of the 2017 edition: